Monday, August 2, 2010

Lauren is/was 10 Months old, and other stuff

Well, Lauren's 10 month birthday came and went, and I was too busy to post any pics on the blog. So here we go:

Lauren now has 2 teeth. It is so cute. She has a great time at Ms. Kelly's house everyday playing with Lila and Sabrina. But she still kicks her legs and starts giggling when I walk in the door. Sometimes I get a "kiss" which consists of an open mouth on my face. She is also fascinated with my mouth, teeth and tongue and loves to try to grab my tongue. She is almost walking. She likes to cruise around the house on her walker:

Here she is reading with Grandpa on Father's Day:

Freddy had surgery to remove a tumor off of the base of his ear (benign, yay!). Nothing is sadder than a dog with a cone following you around with a leash:

Playing in her "cage" with daddy:

In June, I surprised my mom with a trip to Colorado:

Video of Lauren with her walker:

And, to top it off...a video of daddy making baby favorite thing in the world:

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